Keratin Defrizz Hair Treatment

Frustrated with trying out ineffective hair products to tame wild and frizzy hair? Our Keratin Defrizz Hair Treatment helps to strengthen and smoothen your hair, especially damaged brittle ends. It eliminates frizz by enriching your hair with proteins, amino acids and hydrolyzed collagen. The treatment also reduces blow-dry time. 
Keratin treatments create new bonds and repair the bonds that were previously broken by damage. This has two beneficial effects: setting your hair into a new texture, and repairing the damage.
After treatment, your hair will be smooth, straight, and left in better condition than before the application. This can last several months if performed and maintained properly with a sulphate free shampoo!
  • Straighten and smooth out frizzy hair
  • Add shine and a soft texture to your hair
  • Repair damage
  • Improve porosity and hair strength
  • Make your hair significantly easier to style
The Journey
Shampoo your hair to remove all traces of oil and products
Blow dry hair
Apply treatment solution and wait 30min
Use a hot iron
Use a flat iron to “activate” the treatment and seal it in.
Do not wash hair for 48 Hours.
Price: $288
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