Bojin Eye Rejuvenation Treatment

Bojin Eye Rejuvenation Treatment reduces the appearance of Dark Circles, Eyebags and Fine Lines around your eye area! Introducing our Bojin Eye Treatment - special massage technique that stimulates muscles and blood circulation around the eyes. Brighten, Detox and Re-energize your eyes.
One’s lack of ‘Qi’ and tiredness easily seen through the eyes. Dark eye circles cannot be treated with just a whitening treatment as it is due to the meridian deficiency. This unique treatment involves palpation and cutaneous stimulation in which the skin is gently pressed with jade instruments to promote ‘Qi’ flow in the face meridian channels.
The Journey (60 Min)
Cleanse Eye Area
Heated Eye Mask (15min)
Eye Bojin Massage + Head Massage (30min)
Cooling Eye Mask (15 min)
Eye Cream + Moisturizer
Recommended to do once a week for best results!
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Price: $58
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